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August 20, 2002 - 5:44 p.m.

yesterday, i told my supervisor that september 13 would be my last day. then i told my immediate supervisor (who sits across from me), so she wouldn't be out of the loop. i swear she almost started to cry. it will be sad to leave because the people are so darned nice, but i've got to go go go and find a real job.

i've been doing order entry at work for a month and a half now, to kill the time when the phone's not ringing and to help everyone else out. most companies have a minimum order requirement of $100. otherwise, we slap on a $10 fee. the reason is that it costs us something like $115 just to process an order. anyway, some of the smaller companies don't have to pay the minimum fee, as a customer incentive. today, i input one of said company's orders. the grand total? 24 cents. that's right, they spent $115 of our money so they could order something worth 24 cents. i couldn't believe it.


i had a dream last night that i decided to drive around town. mind you, i've only had one driving lesson, and i haven't been on the road since. public transport is superb here, but there are times when i do feel inferior because i can't get somewhere quickly. so i dreamt that i was driving around melbourne, thinking, "this is easy." until, that is, i came to the central business district, aka the CBD. that's where you have to make hook turns. in my dream, i kept looking for intersections where i didn't have to make them, but i ended up driving in a straight line for a very long time.

i think this means i need to get driving. i am due for a road trip.


on sunday night, i went to the empress hotel to see the lucksmiths and a few other bands. one i really wanted to see was grand salvo, who were absolutely amazing. i bought the first CD, and i can't stop playing it. it's been a long time since that's happened.

i also purchased the new flaming lips album, but i haven't gotten around to popping that one in yet, thanks to my constant listening via the flaming lips' official website for free. i already know it's brilliant, so i'm in no hurry. can you believe you can listen to the entire album for free? no samples, but entire songs, all in a row? with artwork, even? i'm dumbstruck.


the tulip trees are in full bloom, and i saw my first green buds growing outside a tree near work. it's official: spring is on its way.


when i was riding the tram today, i saw a girl reading some handwriting i recognized. "is that a Y O U bag?" i asked. she gave me an extra, which made me smile because i always pick up an extra for someone else, too. i would reprint the letter here, but i'm afraid it's got too many australian things i'd have to explain. ugh.


i'm getting married a month from today and am sooooooooooo behind schedule. all i want to do is head for st kilda beach.

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