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August 17, 2002 - 9:04 a.m.

i sent in one job application yesterday, hoping it would be the one. i can't stand the heartbreak anymore of putting effort into different resume versions and cover letters, only to never get a call back. it's not like i'm sitting on a bed of money and can wait around for you losers to call me. so i sent one. maybe this one will stick.

i also went to the new hair salon last night and got a haircut. not too traumatic, but i still miss tim at lure. jason (my new hairdresser) is very nice and bald, so i asked him all sorts of questions like, "when was the last time you had a haircut that involved scissors?" i think he was impressed because he had to think about it for a long time and said,"wow." i haven't washed my hair yet, so it's too early to tell how it will all work out. jason did say he spoke to the photographer i'll be working with in three weeks, and he remembered me from back in 1997. he was very excited, which is a nice thing.

simon called me at work yesterday to tell me the zoo has just decided to change catering companies. this is after we finally figure out the details and decided that yes, we will make the zoo work. he was actually calling to pay the deposit and get things rolling when he heard the news. i started laughing hysterically. it turns out, however, that the new company is honoring all of the old company's quotes. in terms of decorations, etc. i have no idea. it shouldn't be too bad, but it's just one more thing to add to the list of wedding insanity.

i realized yesterday that it's only five weeks until the wedding. FIVE WEEKS. it's only four weeks until sherry gets here and three weeks until my sister arrives. ay-yi-yi.

a man called yesterday at work and couldn't get through to the technical department. the following conversation took place:

him: are all the tech guys busy?

me: one moment while i find out for you...

[i press the mute button and discover that yes, indeed, all the techies are on the phone.]

him: [thinking i have transferred him to another extension instead of pressing the mute button, he says to a co-worker:] sounds like a bloody yank.

[i then press the mute button again]

me: [in my most sickenly sweet voice] the 'bloody yank' can hear you, and yes, all the lines are busy. are you happy to hold?

him: cough/laugh/cough/laugh ummm...

let's just say i shocked that guy. "yank" i can handle, but isn't "bloody" a little excessive? especially considering it's a bad word here. i don't have to take that crap. and my co-workers were quite proud of me.

aside from that, the only other real problem i had yesterday was when one guy kept asking for "seals." i thought maybe he meant rubber seals for some technical thingamabob we sell, but then he kept getting angry. it wasn't until he said "this is gerard industries, isn't it?" that i realized he had a scottish accent and was asking for "sales." oops.

i'm off to waste some more expensive film on this work project. let's hope i can finish today because i don't want to have to look at that courthouse again.

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