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August 12, 2002 - 7:48 p.m.

i am back to looking for a new job.

why does it have to be so hard? i wish there was one perfect resume that would work for every job description. instead, i have a different version for photography, secretarial and modeling. i'm applying for two positions at the same time (one as a photography assistant and one as a two-day-a-week receptionist), so i'm making it harder on myself. let's hope i can churn out some cover letters instead of wandering back to the tv.

probably not, but it was worth a try.

in other news, i talked to my mom over the weekend. i mentioned the high IQ score, to which she replied, "well, i knew that!"

when i asked how, she related the stanford hospital story. "but they never told us my score!" i protested.

"honey, that's because you were off the chart!" she said. "they didn't have a score for you."

so all this time, i was relying on my child-sized memory, thinking my score was top secret. i could have just asked my mom. i wonder what else she knows about me that i don't.

apparently, my dad and oldest brother have also scored in the top 2%, so this is no family secret or even worth special mention. simon's parents don't care, either. when he told them this weekend (only because simon's dad happened to call while we were taking the test), his dad's response was, "if you come over for dinner, another cake sure would be nice." he nearly ate half the cake i made when they came over for tea. well, at least i can impress them somehow.

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