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July 08, 2003 - 9:55 p.m.

good things from the past few days:

* having friday off

* friday being unseasonably warm and sunny

* getting pampered at the hair salon while sun shone strongly through the giant windows

* dinner at the vegie hut in box hill on saturday, with my favorite man

* new food discovery: deep-fried ice cream at the vegie hut

* a visit to our favorite secondhand bookstore, where i scored three bad-as-in-good records

* falling asleep in front of the heater with hubby and kitty on the couch, while listening to nat king cole on the turntable

* playing eagle-eye at the camberwell market on sunday with jen

* two hot jam donuts at the camberwell market

* the $1-a-ball wool extravaganza in brunswick, where i scored some amazing grape-juice colored wool/mohair from iceland

* watching the third man and about schmidt, both of which were exceptional

* discovering that i really enjoy my new job (??? a day job, you say???), due largely to the four-day-a-week schedule, nice boss and co-workers and my apparent gift for making cranky people laugh

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