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June 23, 2003 - 8:54 p.m.

i drove a car last night!!!

i drove us around the neighborhood for awhile, then to the supermarket (and no, not the supermarket just down the street, you smartarse). i did a good job parking and unparking (reversing out of our tight parking space on an incline). i am very proud of me. i drove a car!

today my left knee starting hurting like you wouldn't believe. in fact, i didn't believe, because the pain was so bad by 4pm that i was nauseous. the pain itself wasn't so severe, but the combined nausea made it unbearable. if i hadn't already publicized the fact, i've only vomited twice in my life, so to say i rarely get nauseous is an understatement. here's hoping for a hailstorm, or my arthritis was all for nothing.

in other exciting news, i finished knitting the front of my hoodie (the back is already done). i quickly stitched the two parts together so i could try them on - the suspense was killing me. now i know they fit!

i've started on the sleeves, which are definitely not as fun. if i knit like crazy, i could probably have the hoodie finished in three weeks. if i knit like i have been, expect another two months at least.

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