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June 02, 2003 - 11:31 a.m.

i can't believe i'm still technically sick. it's been like a roller coaster. i'm just glad i'm finally on the way back to health, thanks to penicillin.

after knitting way more than anyone expected on my hoodie, i got bored and began to design birthday cards. yeah, it's not something i'd normally do, but i think the idea of five june birthdays got to me. not only did i not want to go hunt for five almost-perfect birthday cards (i can easily torture myself this way - i won't just send someone the first flowery card i see), but i didn't want to spend any more money, either.

they were made out of things i already had in my house: thick paper leftover from some botched photocopies, cut-outs from magazines, thread, and the lettering from the typography stamp set i found in shepparton. that thing was made in the sixties, but the ink pad still works! go figure.

you can see two of the creations here. simon asked if we could keep the last one (not pictured) because he liked it so much. weird.

if you followed that link, you will have noticed that we also got a new cat, approximately one year old. we rescued her from the RSPCA yesterday after she practically jumped into simon's arms and began purring. i've never seen a cat be so affectionate at the pound, ever.

she loves laps and is extremely friendly. we think she'll fit in quite well. now if we could only think of a name!

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