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02 June 2004 - 6:43 p.m.

good cat, bad photographer

miko turned two yesterday. well, truth be told, yesterday was the first anniversary of her rescue from the rspca. her label at the time said she was a year old, so we started the clock from then. anyway you look at it, she's been the best pet i've ever had, and i'm sure simon would agree. she is getting a new, deluxe kitty bed this weekend to celebrate (which she will probably not use and jump into a cardboard box instead).

i have not been feeling so great these past few weeks. thanks to a few wake-up calls, including very short periods of 100% wellness in between aches, sore throats, etc., and watching super size me, i have taken the past three days off from work and have gone to see a doctor, a new one who will be my doctor from now on. no answers yet, but any idiot could guess that:
1. my job is pretty stressful
2. trying to hold down multiple jobs is also stressful and requires a lot of energy
3. i am pretty run down, and so is my immune system.

i had some blood tests done today (12-hour fasting is so cruel) and won't know the results until next week. and there could be no telltale results - i might just have to make adjustments to the way i do things (e.g. employing strict office hours) and learn to say "no" for a change.

i really like the new doctor, though, who had a lot of answers to things i had wondered about for awhile. it's nice to know i'm in good hands and don't have to tell my weirdo ailments to a new person every time.

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