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26 May 2004 - 6:07 p.m.

breakfast at macca's (we had no milk)

i did another one-day job through the temp agency today. it's good money, and it keeps my mind off of my other stressful job for awhile. it's also very close to consultancy-type work, which is something i might consider doing in the future, so it's good to get the experience in now.

when someone hires a designer, the designer expects to have all the bits and pieces to design (text, photographs, etc.). well, not only was i missing huge chunks of information today, but we also had some serious technological malfunctions (and no IT support in this office!). it was just one thing after another, with no instructions manuals (of course) anywhere in sight.

when we finally got the scanner to work - i kid you not - everything was in spanish. no, not what i had to scan, but the actual program itself. someone must have installed the spanish version by mistake. thank god for high school spanish because it absolutely saved the day. yay me! i was able to bluff my way through quite a bit, but there were some very technical things that i couldn't figure out. when the supervisor came back from lunch and asked how i had fixed these particular problems, i truthfully matter-of-factly, "i just remembered more spanish."

it's funny because someone brought a CD into my office yesterday with an article for me to download. the CD kept bringing up error messages (something about CD-MRW format) and directing me to a website where i could download a program that would help me read the CD. when i got to the website, it was entirely in german. unfortunately, i wasn't much help there. too bad sherry, who took german in high school, wasn't around - i had to ask the guy to go back home and e-mail it to me instead.


no one has peeped a word about the fact that i've started posting photographs to this site. do you like them? do you think they suck? do you not care? or have you just not noticed? i want honesty, people, not some "oh, your site is so great!" crap that you feel obliged to say.

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