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05 May 2004 - 9:34 a.m.

i went to work yesterday but probably shouldn't have, physically speaking anyway.

lots of things that need to be taken care of *now* (surprise) and lots of questions about the classified ad placed in the paper on saturday - questions whose answers were stated explicitly in the ad. is it worth paying for the extra lines if no one's going to read them anyway?

i tried for hours to get out of there but didn't make it until after 5. i was going to pick simon up on my way home, but the traffic was terrible. i pulled over in campbellfield to the giant kmart (rumored to be open 24 hours, but i've never checked) and the nicely laid-out coles. i got some potting soil at kmart (a HUGE bag when all i need is a few cups worth to help out some ferns) and 50% essentials + 50% crap at coles. whenever i go to the supermarket at a certain time of the month, i always, without fail, reach for the dried fruit and salty snacks. it's unbelievable. the only positive is that they're bad for me at that particular time, but they're not unhealthy. i could be reaching for some fried potato-ey thing, you know.

anyway, i was hungry, so i started munching on the bad-for-me fruit and nuts on the way home. by the time i got there, i was cold, crampy and bloated, still mildly flu-ey with a headache (made worse by stressing at work), and arthritis was making my knees burn up. not a pretty sight, so i'm taking off today to hibernate because i don't have any meetings and because i can.


in the good-news department, a very swish digital camera is making its way here and should be in operation before the weekend. perhaps now that i'll be posting pictures, i should put some effort into an actual site design.

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