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29 March 2004 - 11:54 p.m.

how could i forget? there are so many products available here - from the catalog on the airplane to the grocery-store shelves - and americans are encouraged to be hyperconsumers. even my mom remarked that she doesn't like having so many choices, what we both consider to be "too many". and more choices does not necessarily equate to higher quality, although it can be amusing at times.

it was pretty fun to go to the grocery store and pick out breakfast cereals and other food items i'd forgotten over the past two years, not to mention the weird new stuff that's shown up in that time. welch's grape juice still tastes good. sourdough bread is still amazing. berry cheerios are not so great, nor was that nail polish i bought at rite-aid, but, hey, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee on all makeup, and everything else I bought there was 99 cents.

if i was making two lists, each of pros and cons of living in australia vs the u.s., it would be pretty even. but the truth is, while i dearly love my family and am so happy to be able to see them, i miss australia. i miss my husband. i miss san pellegrino and trams and kylie's text messages asking if she can come over and get some "miko lurve". if home is where the heart is, then mine is definitely in australia.


saturday was spent cleaning out my parents' barn. my mom rented/hired a massive dumpster, and it was overflowing halfway through the day. it was the first time all four of the kids had been in the same place in over two years.

it was very fun to dig up the things we'd missed (all the choose-your-own-adventure books), forgotten (the report i wrote on australia when i was in sixth grade) or never knew about (the all my children board game). it was even more cathartic to throw so much stuff away. so many things that we had been encouraged to save for our future children were seen with extra clarity at an older age, and, of course, the entirely possible reality that i won't even have children.

i found most of the stuff i intended to bring back to oz with me, and i'm hoping to find the rest (including my master's degree) in the next few days. if i can battle the dust and spiders, that is.

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