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17 February 2004 - 9:52 a.m.

i'm on day five of an excruciating headache. not migraine-strength, although i'm only guessing, seeing as i've never had a migraine. but it just spreads through my entire face and burns. simon wondered if i didn't have a fever last night.

as weird as it sounds, i can only hope that this is some sort of contagious illness thingy and not stress-related because work has been a big ball of fun and excitement lately. it would be a shame if i let it get to me only now, six months into the job and surely not the hardest battle yet.

simon planned a surprise for valentine's day and got us tickets to see breakfast at tiffany's at the moonlight cinema, after a lovely dinner at soulmama (we had planned a picnic, but i spent five hours trying to sleep off the headache that day and was no longer in the mood for making sandwiches). very nice, and he did a great job at keeping it a surprise. he has not been very skilled at cover-up lies in the past, but he really had me confused this time, throwing in all sorts of fake-out clues. what a romantic.

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