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04 February 2004 - 9:21 a.m.

the car died on monday, in the middle lane of hume highway, just before a major intersection. i would have jumped out and waited for the tow truck from the side of the road, but it was raining.

i'm fine, but the car is not worth fixing, a decision made by all interested parties. so we're scrapping it.

i am very sad because a) walking 20-30 minutes to work from the nearest train station is a sad case, especially when you are a single girl and it is getting dark, and b) if ever there was a time when we could not afford to buy a new car, it is now. my student loans will go back into repayment soon, and that, with some credit card leftovers, adds up to a of debt, kiddies.

i must say, however, that i am happy because a) any car that we get will most lotlikely, and unlike the last model (RIP), have power steering and a tape or CD player that WORKS. wow. then i can listen to "old dirt farmer" by the sleepy jackson over and over and over and not have to wait until simon is in the next room. or i could listen to any one of the other CDs we've bought recently that haven't been paid enough attention, including (but not limited to) architecture in helsinki and augie march (holy cow - released in 2002 and we only just bought it?). and i could give sun kil moon another try, in the hopes that i might love it as much as mark kozelek's other stuff. hmmm.

on tuesday, i had a casting for a tv commercial that was worth a lot of money. to get to the casting agency from my house, it required taking a tram to the train station, taking a train to flinders st station and then switching trains to go to prahran (are you following this?). then i had to get straight back to the newspaper office for an essential, cant-miss meeting.
1. train from prahran to city
2. wait 20 minutes for train to next-nearest station to work
3. wait 40 minutes for connecting train to country station near work
4. arrange for my assistant to pick me up from train station so i don't have to walk.

i later learned of a train that goes straight from spencer street to work in 28 minutes with almost no stops, but i didn't find this out until too late. and i'd still have to take the tram from my house to the train station and hop on a train, just to get to spencer street, so you can imagine my reluctance to try both suburbs again in one day when i found out i've got a callback for the commercial today. i've had enough traveling for awhile, thanks. the only bonus from all that sitting is that i finished the hat i've been knitting for my sister and even got to work on some knitted flower petals. good-o.


since i haven't written here for awhile, it's probably good to mention some things:

* my brother called off his wedding, so my plans to go to america in june have been indefinitely postponed. given the car and total debt situation, i think it's fair to say i might not be heading back for a very long time. and that makes me very sad, but what am i going to do about it, you know?

* i finished knitting my black hooded jumper/sweater. the hood was too pointy, so i added a pompon on top. very cute, very soft and very warm. it only took me about nine months to finish (not nine straight months of hard work, but nine months with job juggling and a million other things to do). i'm going to make a few hats before i start the next big project, so i can enjoy a little more of that finished-project satisfaction.

* saw the flaming lips, twice, making that five flaming lips shows for me in all. the big day out show was great, but i was not so enthralled with the show at the palace. any human being in his/her right mind probably would've thought it was great, but i think i was at an unfair advantage and knew too many of their tricks. also, i couldn't see or breathe, and wayne talked way too much about war and suicide, etc. it was easy to lose interest. oh well, i still love them.

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