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02 October 2003 - 8:46 a.m.

i should be ironing some clothes and getting ready for work, but i am just too excited.

we have internet access at home!!!! [jumps up and down]

after all that time, we found out no one would install/allow adsl or cable, so we're stuck with a phone connection. not as fast as i'd like, but it'll do the trick.

two weekends ago, we went away for our first anniversary. it was absolutely fantastic. we stayed in a cottage 40 km from daylesford (the spa centre of Australia, as its known), in a tiny town where the only noise i heard was a rooster on saturday morning. it looked like an old movie set from universal studios, with at least half of the original buildings from the 1800s still intact and in use.

we had the whole deluxe spa treatment in hepburn springs and ate some magnificent vegetarian food. the cottage was equipped with its own two-person spa bath, as well as a kitchen full of food. on sunday morning, we had a huge breakfast of scrambled eggs (no, simon is not vegan) and toast with fruit and gourmet cheese. we ate outside in the courtyard - the weather was perfect - and the whole thing was just divine. highly recommended.

i've got to get ready for work, but i'll tell you all about my new newspaper job in the next installment. love, erin xoxo

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