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31 August 2003 - 9:41 p.m.

i am not dead. i am, however, without internet. i've snuck into an internet cafe on brunswick street because we need to pay bills.

i can't wait until our home internet is back on. it's quite frustrating, especially when so many interesting things have happened lately.

i am tired, though, from having spent all day scrubbing the old house so that simon can return the keys tomorrow. and i need to spend some internet time looking up accommodation details for our anniversary weekend. can you believe it's almost been one year of marriage? i've been having too much fun to notice.

i'll leave you with a few tidbits, which will remind me to elaborate later:

* i had my first solo drive on the way to my first day of work as a newspaper editor. i got stuck behind a truck in a construction zone and then got lost, arriving at work 25 minutes late. thank goodness the boss arrived five minutes after me.

* my hair is super short again. whew.

* jessie (my buddy, whom i visit every saturday for tea and knitting) is in the hospital with a broken leg etc. from a nasty fall. i only found out because the special cupcakes i baked for her birthday weren't quite finished, and i called to say i was going to be late. because she's awaiting surgery in a public hospital, she's not even allowed to eat the cupcakes - she was on her third day of fasting when i visited. nice birthday, eh?

* cherry coke is now available in australia at non-import prices. it's about friggin' time.

* i made miko the coolest pet tag ever, from some shrinkydinks my mom sent me. if you are a typeface snob like me and your pet needs a tag, let me know.

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