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August 08, 2003 - 8:53 a.m.

the living room smells like green-apple shampoo. when i woke up this morning, simon said, "miko had an accident." apparently, he was ironing too close to her litter box, and she couldn't get in. she left a trail of poop on the floor before he noticed.

on a lucky note, we have hard wood flooring, so a bit of apple-scented ajax spray-n-wipe was all it took to disinfect everything. now the appley scent is everywhere. and i have to trim more fur from the cat's butt. OH JOY! at least i've got safety scissors.

after a consultation with a doctor over the weekend, i've changed birth-control pills. you could say i'm not the happiest of campers, with three nights this week spent gripping a hot water bottle for dear life.

the main advantage of the pill i was taking was friggin' great skin. i thought maybe that it wasn't the pill but that my body had finally given up tormenting me and had just forgotten about acne altogether. since switching pills, though, i've noticed a new crop of potential hazards. oh well.

i've agreed to another hair show in less than two weeks. an apprentice will be cutting and coloring it this time, so i don't really know what to expect. after wearing a ponytail and pigtails to work this week, i'm already bored. if she wants to cut my hair short, i'm ready to go back. yes, it took quite an effort to grow it out, but i have zero emotional attachment to my hair whatsoever. i don't understand why so many other people do. all i would like is a photograph to remember the hair by - otherwise no one back home will believe that i really did it.

kristy's coming over today to help celebrate one of my last free fridays. it's $3 pizza, gold class movie tickets and girlie shopping for us, yessiree. before play there must be work, however. it's time for me to sort out medicare refunds and taxes. it's funny to me how easily these two tasks can be postponed, yet when money is an issue, i can create time for them. hmmm.

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