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July 25, 2003 - 11:11 a.m.

it's my day off again. i'm thinking of all the things i could be doing, which include:
- sorting out and mailing terry's birthday package
- heading to melbourne uni to get that diary i didn't get last week
- going to cpl to develop the pictures from saturday's swing dance (where i was the youngest attendee by a good mile or so) and ordering the wedding reprints simon's parents have been waiting for
- organizing the study, which includes collating all the info i need to file my taxes

yet i am still in my pajamas, and all i want to do is get another $3 pizza, sit in front of the heater and knit so that stupid hoodie is finished. priorities, i know.

i got a phone call from the woman i interviewed with for the one-day-a-week newspaper editor job. she'd been trying to contact an old supervisor of mine in the u.s. but couldn't due to the time difference. it was difficult to tell, but it sounded like the reference is all that's standing in the way of me getting the job - a formality, if you will. so i woke up extra early this morning to call the u.s. and get his home number. i e-mailed it off with the proper time to call (which i should mention is right this very second) and waited, and waited. i phoned her office just to make sure she got the message, only to find out she hasn't even turned up for work, and she's not answering her mobile [cell phone]. let's hope she gets there soon because she's heading overseas next week. i'd like to have this all sorted out, thank you very much.

we went to ikea and the new movie theatre nearby last weekend. simon was determined to watch hulk. the credits and credit music were very, very cool (thanks, danny elfman!). some of the directorial effects were cool, too. in fact, i bought the movie up until he "hulked" for the first time.

had i known that the hulk was a CGI creation, i would have ducked into the adjoining cinema and watched charlie's angels instead. it was sooooooooooooooooo bad. so bad.

i love special effects, but i hate CGI when it attempts to look real. it's just not there yet. it was like watching toy story or some video game - his jump wasn't right, he blinked oddly, and that CGI hair - my goodness! i much prefer lou ferrigno in green paint. (and, for the record, monsters inc. had *much* better CGI fur.)

but hey, if you like lots of shots of jennifer connelly looking especially wistful, this is one great movie.


highlights from the swing dance:

- a lovely senior citizen named winifred, who told me she could hardly see anything yet she saw that my hair was incredibly shiny. "is it the shampoo you use?" she asked in all seriousness. i wanted to take her home.

- some party crasher who came to the function in a very loud yellow top and her own custom-made nametag with "sheila" engraved and rhinestones surrounding it. HELL-o.

- watching immobile senior citizens follow along to the hokey pokey in their chairs.


p.s. i just got the job! more later, but the important thing to know is that i actually got a job that i'm excited about, and in my chosen profession, after waiting for who knows how long. i will be creating a newspaper from scratch, friends, and my first task is to come up with a logo. what a lucky girl i am, indeed.

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