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July 18, 2003 - 2:43 p.m.

i am fighting my desire to nap. my very strong desire to nap.

last friday, after the photo shoot, i knew i needed one but didn't take it. we took miko to the vet instead, which was probably a better idea. i never caught up, though, and i became cranky by the end of the night.

today the nap urge is back. it's either because i know i can (thanks to having fridays off) or because i'm not at work and haven't had my regular dose of tea or hot chocolate. either way, i'm dying here.

i need to head down to melbourne uni to get some stationery items from their student store (which is closed most times i'm able to go), but miko is (very warm and) sitting in my lap, beckoning me to the land of nod. she is so evil. perhaps she has met barb and chrissy and lola and learned their evil nap-tempting ways?

i've got a work dinner to attend tonight, so i'll head to bed in the interest of protecting simon from my new work colleagues. i'll need my strength if i have to facilitate conversation and be pleasant.


i had the famous $3 lunchtime pizza (formerly the famous $2 pizza) at bimbo's on brunswick street, and it was INCREDIBLE. my choice was pesto and goat's cheese - hoo-boy. if you're near fitzroy between noon and 4pm on a weekday, get yerself a cheapie bimbo's pizza. it's worth full price, but cheap is the way to go.

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