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May 06, 2003 - 10:24 p.m.

friday was my last day at the coroner's office. the staff bought me a huge bouquet of native flowers and gave me a nice card, thanking me for my "hard work and mateship". tee hee. very, very beautiful, and not entirely deserved, i'm sure. really, i was there for three weeks, minus three days off for public holidays. either i was an awesome temp, or they are not used to getting decent service.

jen came over on sunday and helped me revamp my resume and cover letter. she had many good suggestions that were extremely helpful, considering i'd looked at the stupid thing so many times that i could no longer be objective. the good news is that - unlike last time - i got an interview at the newspaper out in the country. yep, in the same amount of time it took the last company to reject me (one day), this one decided to give me a shot. weird how that works.

i will take the train out on monday and give the place a look. simon and i already made the decision that if i get the job, we have to move, so getting this call today made me rather jumpy. it's one thing to think about it, but it's another to really think about it.

i talked to a friend of a coworker today. he worked at the same paper for three years and had a lot of negative things to say (which i will not discuss here). simon had a point, though, when he said i need to decide whether i really want the job before i go into the interview. i can't be wishy-washy, or they will know. so i turned to my friend the internet to find some positive things about this new place:
a vegetarian chinese restaurant
a drive-in movie theater
a miniature golf course (none in melbourne!)

the sad part is that i would not be able to visit my buddy in east brunswick. and i have just started knitting a black hoodie! (because it matches everything, of course.) who will help me when i get to the tricky bits, like the v-neck?

i'm giving a talk on saturday at a volunteer day for the organization. i'm going to speak to my coordinator then and see what will happen. i'm afraid there's still a waiting list and that there would be no one to visit my buddy, which is such a shame because she is an awesome person and so full of life. ho-hum.

oh yeah, i did another hair show last night. a woman from sydney cut a chunk out of one side of my bangs (fringe) again. i hate asymmetrical bangs, and it was almost identical to the last one! so i ordered her to chop the rest off after the show. no, i don't mean the rest of my hair, just the bangs. so i've got a longer-than-chin-length bob and tiny bangs, like some sort of doll. there are red bits, too, but those will have to be dyed back before the big interview. it may be ok for fitzroy, but i doubt country victoria has seen the likes of hair-showy me.

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