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April 30, 2003 - 7:39 p.m.

today was a hard day.

i had bursts of activity while working reception. the phone would be siiiiiiiiiiiilent for stretches of time, and then all hell would break loose. 16 calls at once, someone yelling over the intercom, a cab driver wanting me to fill out a voucher (while the meter is running) and an annoying beep telling me that someone wants me to lift the boomgate into the parking lot. it really is a waste of adrenaline, that job.

today really pissed me off. a huge pet peeve of receptionists is not being notified of who's out of the office or important things happening in the office. an example would be a meeting, the location of which you know not, and people standing at reception needing to attend such a meeting. either these people will not know the name of their contact, or the contact will be on holidays and you will not know who's second-in-command.

today's test was some sort of crazy celebration of a business agreement, an excuse for everyone to leave their desks, really. i was peeved because:
- no one told me about this event until i asked twice
- many people showed up for this event, and i did not know where to direct them
- the event was held in the foyer, directly in front of reception.

the speeches were given two inches in front of me. you could not pick a worse place to do this if you tried! not only did the phone ring constantly while the managers gave their speeches (i had to turn away from the celebration, cover my ears and whisper over the phone), but there were a few intercom shoutings and a few urgent deliveries, all at the same time. and, of course, no one was at his/her desk so no one could answer the phone. there is no voice mail. i will be glad when this week is over.

i came home to find a rejection letter from the place in east brunswick. they received my job application on friday, saw my website on sunday and rejected me the next day. i'm not kidding, and i have proof. how awful is it that i didn't even make it to the interview stage? i am trying hard to believe it's not just me and that i'm not a complete idiot.

right after calling simon to have my little breakdown, luella phoned. i felt a lot better afterward, partly because she has a positive attitude and is a good listener, but also because she's been through crap, too. and that's why i like reading other people's blogs so much - it's nice to know you're not alone, especially when things get tough. so keep the horror stories coming, people.


i watched gilmore girls last night and guffawed many, many times. i am so glad that show is back on, especially in its new-and-improved timeslot.

then i got warm, comfy and lazy hiding under the blanket, so i stayed in front of the tv. somehow, i stayed there long enough to watch rove live, which i never do (maybe it was because i wanted to see hugh jackman?). rove's definitely more polished than the average joe but still not very funny to me. i miss conan.

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