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April 26, 2003 - 4:15 a.m.

it is 4:15am, and i have just finished a huge site update. i am very, very tired and very, very achy, so please be a good blog reader and pay attention to my work.

if the above link didn't work, it's because my new web host hasn't fixed everything yet. so try this one instead.

be a dear and let me know if something's broken, won't you?


other news: the total eBay winnings for four measly CDs turned out to be more than $332. !!! one CD alone made $132. how is this possible?


simon's dad came over today to help us install the metal shelves. we spent a huge portion of the day reorganizing everything and putting up decorations. the house now looks like a home. why did it take us 10+ months to do this, and why did we do it when we knew we'd be moving out?


my skill at turning a seemingly empty pantry and fridge into a meal is getting a workout. last week's star was an Indian-tasting sweet-potato dish made perfect by adding dijon mustard, sweet chili sauce and braggs at the end. simon made the most beautiful batch of jasmine rice to go with it.

tonight i made pasta sauce out of store-bought spaghetti sauce, leftover pumpkin soup, hummus, leftover chickpeas and one cob of corn. it was scrumptious.

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