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April 09, 2003 - 9:07 a.m.

i went to the interview yesterday - that job is not a possibility. it's in a factory setting, making dessert tarts in an assembly line and washing dishes for $10 an hour. the hours are 10:30 to 7, but mainly it's just the money. i need to be earning more.

i found out that my paycheck from the newspaper trial will be arriving next friday, which is well before rent is due. this is good. the pay from this reception job will be pretty good, too.

simon had the day off yesterday, and we spent nearly all of it doing housework. unbelievable. two loads of laundry, a few complex meals, an incredible amount of ironing (made easier by the sheer amount of bad TV on yesterday) and a huge tidying up of the study. i stopped to rest only for food.

we drove by our rental agency to pick up a copy of the latest available properties. there were quite a few one-bedroom apartments very close to where we are now, and most would save us at least $70 a week. very good.

i am starving. it must be time for breakfast.

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