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April 07, 2003 - 9:30 a.m.

you will never guess what i did after writing the previous entry.

i found an ad for "baker's assistant" in collingwood and called the number listed.

mr baker: so, do you have any experience in the industry?

me: no. i have experience in journalism and administration, but i'm sick of being in an office all day and being around cranky people. i want to start a career in the food industry, but all the ads say experience is necessary. i just want to do something fulfilling with my life.

mr baker: [laughs] well, it's not that exciting, and the pay's not that great.

me: i don't care. the pay's not great now, either.

mr baker: alright, when can you come in?

me: monday. should i bring my resume?

mr baker: [loudly guffaws] no. just wear something you don't mind getting food on.

so i'm trialling for a position i know nothing about, in an industry i know nothing about. how did i manage that one? i suppose there's a lot to be said for making someone laugh.

this afternoon, i'm off to the hair salon for - i hope - the last hair show for quite awhile. my current hairstyle's not spectacular, but it's far more manageable than the last one.


simon and i spent most of yesterday watching movies and being lazy. the ring (the hollywood version with naomi watts) scared the living daylights out of me. very well done, very creepy.

unlike your standard schlock horror films, the characters in this movie did everything you wanted them to in searching for clues, making sense of it all, etc. you didn't have to yell things like, "why didn't you bring a phone, idiot?" like you did in the blair witch project because the characters seemed to be just as savvy as the audience. so very, very creepy. in fact, i'm still not content to be alone in my house. simon said the same.

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