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April 02, 2003 - 9:12 a.m.

i was at the hair salon for nearly three hours last night. the good news is that the really long hair in the back (what makes the mullet a mullet) is now gone. the bad/interesting news is that the orange bits are now an even brighter orangey yellow. the hairdresser said the colors are very hard to achieve. i wasn't impressed because i've seen them before - when japhia bleached my hair, after i'd dyed it eggplant-color. let's just say it reminded/reminds me of a sunflower.

i've got a one-day stint as a receptionist lined up tomorrow, but other than that, there's no money rolling in. i've been using the time to take care of business stuff and a few household chores. yesterday i processed and delivered photos to the radio station, entered some photographs in a contest and mailed wedding pictures to my mom. today i'm going to tackle the mountain of ironing (you think i'm joking when i use the word mountain? ha!) and attend to the study. if it stops raining, i might go outside, scrub the metal shelving we bought and - gasp - assemble it myself.

with this much time to kill, i would prefer to make a really nice dinner for tonight (maybe something complicated, like fresh pasta - the nice girls who wrote my favorite cookbook e-mailed me a few vegan recipes).

it's no use, though, because kristy's picking me up for our date with the new ikea, and simon will be at the radio station until 8:30 or so. then it's off to see the lucksmiths in their 10th anniversary show. they've promised to play old stuff and not grumble about it. so excited, so excited.

side note: i dropped into polyester yesterday to say hi and add my name to the guest list for tonight's show. they didn't need reminding, apparently, because "erin + simon" was at the top of the list. awww. some may think i'm stupid for not charging them money, but i'll take free CDs, $100 cookbooks, exposure in rolling stone and my name on the eternal guest list (mark's words) any day.

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