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March 15, 2003 - 10:52 a.m.

my brother was in a car accident yesterday.

my mom left a message on our answering machine. she spent a very long time telling me (in a very shaken up voice) about the accident, the fact that his car was totalled and how the woman who ran the red light DIED before telling me that he was ok. sheesh.

he was able to walk out of his truck, so he went to check on the other truck, only to find the woman with her eyes glazed over and her two grandchildren screaming, "is my grandma dead???!!!!!!" over and over. upsetting, indeed. i am glad he is ok.

in other news, my Age interview has been postponed until monday. i tried to tell you about this yesterday, but diaryland was down.

i got the phone call on thursday night. the interviewer said "something's come up," and could i reschedule for monday?

something, indeed. it turns out that the Age journalists went on strike that night. how's that for timing? i've never heard of striking journos before. even the web site said something like: today's edition of the Age has been affected by industrial action taken by journalists last night.

this could either be good or bad for me. bad: there is no job on offer anymore. good: better working conditions and pay. yeah, right.

i'm off to the market by myself today. just imagine me stuffing my backpack with apples, potatoes, squash/pumpkin and all the other heavy things you can dream up. maybe i will stop by simon's workplace, which is a block away from the market, and make him take the stuff home. stick it to the man, i say.

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