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March 05, 2003 - 6:17 p.m.

i'm alternating between typing and eating at the moment, thanks to the thoroughly enjoyable heavenly organic pumpkin hummus. as highly recommended as they come.

on a slightly sadder note, i received a rejection letter today for a job i didn't even apply for. and it was addressed to mr erin lewis. !

i requested a position description ages ago but did not apply, which explains how they had my address. but really, people! did you think i can't get enough rejection? gimme more! gimme more!

speaking of... i called the agency today to find out about the amelie thing. they said they didn't know, and that the casting agency was still seeing people for the job today. might i mention that:
* they told me i had to go monday at the specified time or i could forget it. two days later, they're still seeing people?
* the job starts friday. if i'm booked for the job, i have to arrange an emergency hair change for tomorrow night, which happens to be the busiest night at my hair salon. whee.

and speaking of hair salons (since i am so hooked on segues today), i would like to take time to vent about highlighting.

i think chemically-produced hair highlights are to the '00s what perms were to the '80s. they're everywhere, and this is not necessarily a good thing.

the first thing i notice is how fake they look. very rarely do i see highlights that confuse me and make me wonder if they indeed are natural. i don't care how thin or chunky or close to your natural color they are. trust me: i know they're fake, and chances are that i'm not the only one.

the second thing i notice is that they don't make anyone's hair look better. in the cases i've seen where they look decent, the person's previous haircolor was also decent. so why waste the money and keep up the maintenance?

i don't find them that interesting, and it's not like they add dimension to someone's hairstyle that wasn't there before - people just like to think they do. i would prefer to see an interesting all-over color, or at least large sections (even half front, half back would be better). don't try to pawn it off as real, or think it looks cool because everyone else in the suburbs has it done.

why do i care about this? because i ride public transport, so i have to look at unconvincing highlights all day. i'm a people-watcher by nature, and i can't believe how this city (and the western world) has been so pervaded by this trend. it's not pretty. please, try a new idea.

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