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February 25, 2003 - 10:01 a.m.

i'm having a Business Day Off, the kind doug is wishing about right now. i've got film of the lucksmiths to process, GST to calculate by friday (why did i choose to report tax on a quarterly basis? why??), and some missing documents to find. one is my folder from the Do Care orientation, with everyone's phone numbers on it. i'd like to think they'd call me eventually, but they probably expect me to start something. i'm used to being a social organizer, if only by default.

other things to do?
* combine five superannuation (think 401k) funds into one (high five to doug)
* find out what the heck has happened to my visa, which i applied for nearly four months ago
* call the sakata company, on behalf of the vegetarian network of victoria, to find out if the worcestershire paste in their teriyaki-flavored crackers is indeed vegetarian (most worcestershire sauce contains anchovy paste - did you know?)


the only way i can describe the hair show last night is "wack". it was sponsored by a company called artec, so the salons on show had to kiss some artec ass, even if they don't really use the product. the emcees were way over the top. some of my favorite banter included:

artec is a product you CANNOT live without

artec is like a good marriage - you just don't let go of it

what the??? it's probably bad to laugh at the sponsoring company, but i couldn't help it. and i only wish i would have brought a polaroid so you could have seen what i was wearing. it was black, sheer, poufy and probably interplanetary. the hair? yep, that was crazy, too.

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