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February 23, 2003 - 7:42 p.m.

i wrote a really thorough entry last week, but you didn't read it because diaryland ATE IT. yep, every time i forget to copy the text before sending (just in case), diaryland has a laugh at my expense.

i have perhaps the strangest hair-show hairstyle yet, in anticipation for some gala event on monday night. my hairdresser cut the short bits way shorter and left the long bits reeeeeeeally long. my bangs/fringe are missing a huge section on the right side of my head, sloping down to a really long section on the left that sort of forms a wing. the wing, as well as some parts of the ear and neck flaps, has been dyed hot pink.

of course, if you saw it, you would probably say it was "cute" (like my current supervisor) just to make me angry. perhaps it would be poignant to mention my hairdresser won't actually be at the show on monday because he's been nominated for australian hairdresser of the year. hmmm.

in the entry that was deleted, i also wrote a little something about the blog meetup that happened on wednesday. i met some very nice people but had a weird experience overall. why?
1. there were too many awkward silences for my liking (sample, heard multiple times from multiple people: "wow, you just killed the conversation with that one.").
2. the bar was noisy and charged $6 for a tiny bowl of cashews. i was hungry.
3. more than a few anti-american comments were made in my presence (sample: australia is basically the same as america, except they [americans] have guns), which really offended me.

in all fairness, i was one of the last to leave, so i obviously enjoyed myself in some capacity. and it was nice to put faces to names/diaries. that said, though, i don't think i'd be brave enough to repeat.

you know what else i won't be doing again? writing about my bodily functions on this here site, right before meeting a bunch of strangers who are bound to have read about it. mental note: not smart, erin. not smart.

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