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February 13, 2003 - 6:38 p.m.

i'm back in the temping ring again.

two days ago, i worked in a government office for a one-day stint. it was completely disorganized, and i was given differing instructions by various staff members, with no clear indication of who had authority. it was so bad that i called the temp agency the next day and gave them the complete story. they send out a survey for every job you complete, and i didn't want to to have to run on for two pages.

two examples of opposing instructions i received:

person a: anyone who comes up to the window should be let in through the adjacent door.
person b (hours later, only when i asked to confirm): no! don't let anyone in the door! find out whom they want and call that person's extension first. that person should come to the window and let the visitor in. (keep in mind that i didn't know anyone in that office, and it took them ages to find a list of names and phone extensions!)

i'd been given a project - to call up companies on a list and update a few bits of info for the office database. i was gathering the information from the companies' receptionists (who don't have time to be put on hold), while i was supposed to be answering the phone! a tricky situation indeed. so i asked, what do i do if i'm calling out to a company and another call rings through? will someone else take the call while i'm working on this project?
person b: don't worry, no one will ring through.
me: but what if someone does?
person b: it won't come through anyway. you won't have to worry about it.
person c (many hours later): no! you have to take the other call! just hang up immediately on the person you're speaking to and pick up the other call. then call the company back and tell them you were disconnected.

and these are only two of the many examples of that sad case of an office. i also got to witness a catfight (started because of something i asked), which was pretty interesting but slightly uncomfortable. it probably would have been more awkward had i planned to be there for more than a day. instead, it was satisfying in the same way as watching a soap opera or reading a brainless women's magazine.

today i started a new job in yet another government office. my entire day consisted of babysitting someone who was viewing a confidential file (two hours), making photocopies and filing. i didn't mind doing the work, but i had to ask myself a few times throughout the day just why i had taken out so many loans for my master's degree. anyone?

i've got one more orientation session for Do Care, an organization that pairs up volunteers with socially isolated people - the elderly, young people with disabilities - for the purpose of friendship and integration into the community. (i'll be the volunteer, not the person in need, in case you were wondering.) after my police check, i'll be paired up with one person whom i'll visit every week. i know it will be a great experience, but i can't help but have a few butterflies. it's like an arranged marriage in some ways.

i've confirmed my future attendance for the melbourne bloggers meetup next week. i don't know what possessed me to do it, considering i won't know anyone except through their writing. it's almost like attending a hollywood party, i suppose - you know all about the actors from their movies, but you don't really know them, and they couldn't care less if you were there or not. i'm just curious to see what other bloggers look like, and if they're anything like me.

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