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February 04, 2003 - 9:01 a.m.

I went to a casting for a Sony phones TV commercial yesterday. They asked for "sporty and chic", whatever that means.

It seems like every time I attend one of these things, I'm given only one or two adjectives from which to construct an outfit and hairstyle. You might think it's easy to interpret, but try picking "sporty and chic" out of your own closet. Go on. I dare you. How about "edgy" or "young and modern" or "elegant and up-market"? This is your own closet I want you to work with, not a costume shop.

Since my hair is out of control and growing like a weed, I definitely have to sculpt it into something. Choices must be made.

After the casting, I walked to an ad agency down the street to pick up an old modeling photograph of mine. It was from the Toni & Guy hair shoot I did way back when, but - whoa - you would never, ever guess this photo was advertising hair. Let's just say I was a bit uncomfortable when I saw it because it was S-E-X-Y. I don't know how you would react in such a situation, but it was hard for me to see myself in that way. Simon, on the other hand, had no problem at all. In fact, he kept attacking me throughout the evening, mumbling, "that photo..." Sheesh.

I thought about sending a copy to my mom because she always wants to see my photos, but I think this one is better off staying with me. I don't want to imagine how many copies she would make or who would receive one.

I bought myself some purple flowers on the way home from the ad agency and arranged them while listening to Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue". I spent the rest of the day making Polaroid prints of the Lucksmiths and listening repeatedly to the new Machine Translations album. You would have thought I'd make myself sick with so many repeats, but the album just got better and better. I played one song in particular probably 20 times in a row. It was a good thing Simon wasn't home - it's best to keep obsessive behavior to oneself.

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