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January 31, 2003 - 8:34 a.m.

i spent nearly all of yesterday tidying up a job application. it kept getting bigger and more complex, and i had to sit and pick at it until around 3pm. that's when i realized that i'd photocopied everything for the folio section except for page 11 of something - page 11 missing in between a well marked page 10 and page 12. so i had to race around in the pouring rain and get it all sorted out. whew.

i met simon after he finished work at 6. all of his fellow employees (and employers) were meeting up for goodbye drinks for a girl named leah. she's his boss's personal assistant. most of the people were nice, but it was a bit awkward because i didn't know them and simon had only been working there for a week.

one guy asked me about my job situation and then proceeded to ask repeatedly, "well, why don't you do this?" with every this being a presently unworkable job opportunity i'd already researched (e.g. starting my own magazine). it was exhausting and like being interrogated by parents. ugh.


i went to the candle website and discovered that shane gelagin, lead singer for the simpletons, died recently.

the simpletons were the first band on candle records. i saw the lucksmiths for the first time when they opened for the simpletons in sydney in 1997. it seems strange that, so many years later, i'm going to take pictures of the lucksmiths in the studio today. and that darren hanlon toured through missouri in 2001 and stayed at my house because i had seen him playing with the simpletons at that very show. i suppose, in an extended way, shane had something to do with all of that, though i never met him.

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