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January 27, 2003 - 8:55 a.m.

yesterday was australia day. just thought you should know. today is monday, but because australia day is a big deal, today is a holiday as well. i suppose a calendar would call it "australia day (observed)".

some highlights from this week:

- a documentary called standing in the shadows of motown. the music was amazing, and i tried so very hard not to dance in my seat. i'm afraid barb wouldn't have been able to control the urge.

- two buskers (street musicians) in bourke street, playing a bluegrass rendition of the Flintstones theme. it sounded like something off the soundtrack to L.A. Story

- lot of compliments, and repeated ones at that:
---simon on his haircut (cut by yours truly, naturally). this week from a hairdresser!
---simon on the $5 vintage Levi's i found at a salvation army in missouri and hoped would fit him properly (seeing as we were long-distance at the time)
---me on my $11 cat-eye glasses with rhinestone sparklies, and my chinese silk shirt in silvery grey

- seeing the sun in a way i've never seen it before. because of the bushfires, the sky has been filled with smoke. it's been so smoky, in fact, that one morning we saw the sun as a perfect circle (no haze or glare), the same color as those pinky-orange highlighter pens. i thought it was the moon! the only other times i'd seen the sun as a circle were during eclipses, and then only through special viewing devices or on television. it was a beautiful, strange sight indeed. had we not been running to catch the tram to work, i would have taken a photograph.


today, simon and i are heading to a boathouse on the yarra river for a picnic hosted by the vegetarian network of victoria. we don't know any of the people who will be there, but it sounds like fun. plus, we couldn't afford tickets to the big day out, so what else would be doing today? i don't know about you, but i'd rather rent a paddleboat or kayak and go for a picnic than sit on my butt all day and watch movies, again. after yesterday's four - 4 - feature attractions (two in the theater and two at home), i need a break.

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