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January 17, 2003 - 6:38 p.m.

i've added a new weather feature to the bottom of this page. i wanted to begin reporting the weather on a daily basis, but this was just so much easier. has anyone noticed? does anyone care?

purple rain was pretty average. yep, the music was good, but the acting was near glitter territory. i wouldn't watch it again.

on the other hand, the lonely guy was not so bad and could even be considered rewatchable. i found it in an enormous pile of old videos that simon had purchased for something crazy like 50 cents each (the benefits of working at a video store, i suppose). i was weary from the ear pain and needed some steve martin-like entertainment, so i thought i'd hit the jackpot when i found it.

i got a prescription for ear drops yesterday, but they didn't kick in until today, so i had a hard time sleeping last night. i usually sleep on my side, but the catch is that i like to sleep on both sides. not having the choice makes me go crazy. i was so happy when, around 5am, i figured out a way to nudge simon over to the edge of the bed and put my head between our two pillows, with the ear placed directly over the resulting crevice, thereby cushioning the head but not touching the ear. aaaaaaaahhhh. i slept until about 10am once that was taken care of.

i was woken up by the latest temp agency. they had a job for me, but i would have to rush over there, wearing a suit. i told them that i was in my jammies and would need a shower, and that i would have to administer drugs within the day, if they didn't mind. after i hung up, i told simon what i had done. he said i'd made a bad decision because he was worried about me and my ear. i told him that i didn't feel i had a choice because i don't have a job and there's nothing on the horizon.

i jumped in the shower. then the phone rang again. the company had already filled the position, so i was off the hook. the temp agency called again about an hour later to ask if i wanted to take a job next week. it's at the department of justice, in the business licensing department. they said they needed someone with an open mind because anyone can come and register for a business license - it could be a retailer or, as is apparently often the case, a prostitute. i was going to make a crack about how i've already seen everything by living in fitzroy, but i decided against it. i haven't had a very good joke track record lately. an example: my doctor's visit yesterday was only three days after the last one. i said, "did you miss me?" in a jokey voice, to which doc replied, "right. sit down, please." ugh.

she's not very nice anyway. well, not like my favorite doctor in fresno. she used to wear snakeskin pants and high heels to work, and she actually made annual checkups FUN. i feel so promiscuous when i jump from doctor to doctor (and hairdresser to hairdresser), but that's what it takes to find greatness, i suppose. for now, however, i'll settle for a free haircut and a two-minute walk to the doctor's office.

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