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December 19, 2002 - 12:05 p.m.

i didn't get the job in swan hill. i got the phone call when we were already two hours away in bendigo, happy if we never saw swan hill again. it wasn't terrible, but it definitely would have been an adjustment. the town was dead by 6pm.

the newspaper editor said i had "either too much experience or not enough". the ad was for a senior journalist, but none of the people who applied was qualified enough to be considered "senior". they decided to go in the opposite direction, with someone who just finished a year as a cadet (intern) so they could "mold him" (the editor's words) and teach him everything they know.

when we got within city skyline-viewing distance, i started jumping up and down in my seat. i've had some very pleasant experiences in small towns, but this one made me realize how much i love living in the city, and how lucky i am to be living in melbourne.

hooray for noisy, fashionable people everywhere! hooray for late-night vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants! hooray for arthouse films and public transport and a large, daily newspaper!

hooray for funny graffiti, too, like the billboard we saw last week. the sign was white, with a lone advertising message in the middle: "what do you look forward to?" at the very bottom, in tiny letters, was the name of the advertiser - an investment company, if i remember correctly. well, some funny melburnian had painted below, in letters of the same size, "oral sex". i must have laughed for about five minutes straight after that. and not necessarily because of that sign, but because most melbourne graffiti is funny, or at least thought-provoking. you could make an exception for the guy who spray paints the word MACHO on long strips of railway, but you have to give the guy credit for painting just so much of it. it was even a topic of conversation last week, after someone else had admired macho's handiwork in a new section. like it or not, macho is a hard worker.

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