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December 17, 2002 - 8:59 a.m.

i was rejected for both the lonely planet job and the other secretarial job. poo. that leaves the "photo researcher" job. and, of course, the job in swan hill.

here is a list of reasons why taking the job in swan hill would be unfavorable:

1. swan hill is four hours away from melbourne, which means we would have to move there.
2. swan hill has a population of 9400.
3. swan hill is surrounded by farms and is considered "the big city" for the outlying farmers and other assorted country folk.
4. simon just got a radio show on 3rrr and would have to give up said show.
5. no more vegetarian restaurants.
6. the guardian (the newspaper i'd be working for) is not exactly of the highest quality.

neither of us really want to give up melbourne city life, but i feel the need to visit swan hill before making a big decision. especially now that the job opportunities are lessening for me. so simon and i are leaving this afternoon to check it out. we'll stay overnight, and then i have a job interview tomorrow. i am a wee bit nervous.

funny story: i asked the woman at the hotel how to get there. she said, with no instructions beforehand, "when you get to the mcdonald's, which will be on your left, turn right. you can't miss it."

my heart sank.

the upside is that houses are much cheaper than in melbourne (less than half the price), so we might be able to save some money. we'll need to check out the salary first.


i was walking down swanston street last week when i saw tim, the english boy who was a friend of barb and chrissy's when they were in london. along with his travel companion, jamie, tim stayed in our house in missouri for about a week, ordered barb to give him a mullet haircut, went to see jerry springer, sunned himself on the front lawn with our kiddie pool and painted squares all over the house. so you can imagine my surprise when i saw him walking down the street.

in all fairness, he does travel quite a bit, and it was the busiest street in the city center. but still! so he came over yesterday, and we went to the australian centre for the moving image. it was absolutely fantastic, and i still can't believe the government funded such a progressive space. it's free! we also ate at the hare krishna restaurant, which always seems to please poor travellers ($3.80 all you can eat, including dessert and drink).

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