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December 05, 2002 - 9:12 a.m.

i attended an interview for a typesetting job in frankston yesterday. do you remember me complaining about how far away simon's parents live? well, frankston is half an hour further away.

of course, i didn't drive. i took the tram to the train station, where i saw a girl wearing only a terry-cloth tube dress and a poufy blue shower cap. she was yelling out for the public to take her samples as they made their way out of the train station. the samples she had were for rexona body refreshers, this new product with really suggestive ads and commercials. i guess it's like a baby wipe that hot, young women use - a "shower on the go" sort of idea. all of the commercials feature gorgeous girls using the wipes in taxi cabs, etc while the cab driver or whoever else is around works himself into a frenzy. kind of like an herbal essences commercial.

i was dying to know what this product was like, so i took one before departing to the train platform below. on my way, i saw a girl wearing a shower costume. she was bare-legged and had a giant curtain attached to an inflatable circular curtain rod above her head. the inflatable shower head on top had silver tinsel streaming out of it. i wondered to myself how much these girls were getting paid to yell out "rexona".

from the station, i took the train all the way out to frankston. total time including tram trip: just under two hours. that's two hours each way, in case you're paying attention. the job in question is 9 to 5 mon-fri, but i would be gone from 7 to 7 every day. that's not including time to eat or get ready. yet i really, really need a job. i'm supposed to decide by this afternoon. gulp.

i also applied for a part-time job as a receptionist at a radio station. the same day i sent in my application, i got a rejection letter via e-mail. it said something about my application not meeting the requirements specifically enough, when, in fact, there were only three requirements and i had met all of them!

i was so furious because nearly every melbourne temp agency through which i've applied for things has rejected me. yet i am a super temp. in nearly every office job i've ever had, i've been asked to stay on permanently. so i'm wondering what is wrong with my r�sum� or cover letter. am i not spelling things the australian way? is there something obvious that i'm not including and every other candidate is?

i called this agency back and asked why. the woman i spoke with was very nice and offered to meet with me the next day.

i went in for the interview, performed all the usual tests (e.g. typing, spelling, etc.) and answered all the usual questions. by the end of it, she had totally changed her mind and said, "you'd actually be perfect for this job." what??????? so i'm on the shortlist now. it doesn't pay the best, but at least i'll have time to find other things to do. it's also a hop, skip and a jump from melbourne magazine, so i'm thinking of suggesting some sort of part-time internship.


postscript: the only good think about frankston is the high quality of thrift stores (op shops). the savers in frankston is absolutely huge (two stories) and chock full of stuff. i found:
* the perfect tea tray for $1.99 (something i've been on the hunt for since i got here)
* some beautiful little cups that i'll use for christmas punch when simon's parents come over
* a rockin' pillowcase
* more toys for my kitchen windowsill
* some cool chairs that just need love. one was $2.99 and only needs a can of spray paint to look like new. hooray.

oh, and if you're reading this, sherry, they had a stockpile of those tall preserving jars, the ones we couldn't find in time for the wedding. i almost bought them, but a girl can only carry so many breakables at a time on the train.

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