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November 28, 2002 - 10:57 a.m.

i think it's time to face the music: i am a klutz.

i superglued my fingers for the second time in a row this week. the first was when i was trying to put the "rosemary" label on the spice jar. the spice rack came with its own labels, but they're really ugly, so we're using the old punch labels, which don't stick so well on their own.

all i had to do was squeeze a tiny bit of glue, but i hit an airbubble instead. glue went everywhere. i had to clean it up without sticking things to myself. i got my fingers apart, but they were crispy for a few days.

then i tried to fix my glasses, the ones with four rhinestones on each corner. one of the sparkles fell out, so i thought it would be a simple job to glue it in. ha. it took me two attempts, and each time i glued the rhinestone to my finger instead of my glasses. i tried using tweezers, but i only got glue on the tweezers. now the rhinestone is still loose, and it's not even shiny anymore. it's just gluey.

yesterday, i hit my elbow on the door frame of my bedroom. it seemed like one of your normal funnybone encounters, but this one REALLY HURT. it kept throbbing for awhile like a tuning fork, and i actually had to sit down twice because i thought i was going to faint. no, i'm not that big a wuss, but i really got lightheaded. by the time we went out to dinner last night, it was still hurting. and, of course, i hit it once more for good measure while getting out from the table.


i had to strut my stuff on the catwalk yesterday. i still don't know how to do that modelly walk, but they send me out for the dumb castings, anyway. i pretended as best i could. they started saying "supermodel!" in really effeminate voices, so i'll take it as a good sign. who knows.

then i went to the state library to check out the swan hill guardian. there's a journalist job available in swan hill, you see, but swan hill is 4 hours away. it's in the boondocks, where they've probably never heard of vegetarianism (much less veganism) or any of the other things we've grown accustomed to with city life. but it's a job, and i would be able to write and take photos. and the editor was the first person i've spoken to who was actually *impressed* by the fact that i have a master's degree. he actually thought of it as a bonus.

after seeing the newspaper, though, i had some serious reservations. it was bad. not high school newspaper bad, but bad enough. neither simon or i want to leave the city, but i can't afford to be unemployed anymore. especially since simon had to ask his parents for this month's rent. we have sunk so low.


happy t(of)urkey day to everyone. eat lots of pumpkin pie for me!

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