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November 22, 2002 - 6:33 p.m.

Simon and I are going to an engagement party in the country tomorrow. I've never been to an engagement party before. This one's on some property the couple are building their dream home on. So far, they have some trees and a concrete slab.

I'm not sure where we'll sit (if at all) or if there will be heaters or some sort of shelter (if it gets windy or rainy). we don't see them very often, and their friends are very, very different from our usual circle, so I'm not expecting much. We're bringing board games, just in case.

We will be giving a ride to Adrian, a mutual friend of Simon and the couple. He called and asked about the dress code and what time we're supposed to head home. I told him, "When Erin is bored, or anyone else wants to use Erin as an excuse, we go home." I don't know if that makes me a brat or just jaded, but it is whatever it is.

Simon got into a few heated arguments with his bosses because he called their accountant to discuss his superannuation (similar to a 401k plan). It's mandatory for Australian employers to pay 9% superannuation, to tell you what your super fund is (i.e. which company) and to send you statements about it. Simon has been working there for three years and has heard jack squat. They've given him the runaround three times or more. The last time they said they had to get the info from their accountant. He waited three weeks after that and then called their accountant himself.

Who knows what will happen now? If it turns out they haven't been paying his super (he would be missing out on thousands, literally), they can get fined heavily. He also found out he's supposed to be getting paid more than he is, and he wrote a formal letter outlining discrepancies in the workplace agreement. I am so proud of him.

Once they get the letter, I wonder how it's all going to turn out. I can't believe they tried to blame him for wanting information he is entitled to legally. Apparently, they each said to him (after much nasty exchange of words), "I'm so disappointed in you." I hope he gets his rightful due and that this little exercise makes it better for the next employees, too.

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