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November 18, 2002 - 10:54 a.m.

it's been a week since the application deadline for that website editor job i want. i called the company that's going through applications and making the shortlist. they've received over 100 applications, and the woman didn't know who i was. luckily, though, i think my calling made a big impression, and she said she would take a closer look at my application and get back to me. a good sign.

i can't remember who it was - sherry maybe? - who was told that her job application would have been thrown away if she hadn't called to check up. some companies think that if you don't make the effort, you don't care enough. let's hope i kicked some potential website editors out of the way.

at 12:30 today, i'm going to the city to be in some crazy toni & guy hairshow. my normal hairstyling team won't be involved. i'm not sure how it happened, but somehow frank, another hairdresser in the company, got my name and number and i got signed up. i obliged only because i'm unemployed and don't really have anything else to do. plus, my haircuts would normally cost $80, so i've felt as though i haven't been pulling my weight in the hair contract.

frank is german and not that easy to understand. he seems nice enough, but i'm going to be spending around 8 hours with this man and a bunch of models. yay. if it was my normal hairdressers, it would be really fun, but i don't feel very comfortable with frank. or models.

my package from mom arrived today, only five days after she sent it. now we've got real cutlery, even though we might have to cancel thanksgiving. oh wait, did i forget to tell you about that?

about a week ago, i took some money from the atm out of my u.s. bank account. the balance said $300 something. a few days later, the balance said $1300. i wasn't sure if my mom had deposited money or something, so i checked my bank online to figure it out. it turns out that i had NEGATIVE $300 and NEGATIVE $1300. not only was the negative symbol *not* displayed, but i was allowed to make numerous transactions with the visa symbol, as well as pull money out of the ATM. every day in the negative (approximately a week), my bank has been charging me U.S. $21 in overdraft fees. do you realize how unfunny this is? i called the bank to try and clear the fees (which amount to approximately $400 australian) and get a payment sorted out. they told me to call back during business hours and speak to my branch because they couldn't help me. the manager even made some flippant remark about me having web access, so i have no excuse not to know. well, hello! i've never had a bank allow me to withdraw funds from an overdrawn account, much less multiple times. i've never had problems with a balance displayed by an atm machine, either. i usually check online once a week.

so anyway, i'm poorer than poor and still unemployed. unless i hear about the job, we'll have to assume thanksgiving is a no-go. this does not make me happy, but my options are few at this point. i love being an adult. pbbbbbththththh.

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