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November 14, 2002 - 6:26 p.m.

i spent an hour at the medicare office today, trying to get this health cover thing straightened out for the fourth or fifth time. i could write a huge rant about what happened (including me almost crying and then issuing orders to the staff with a deep, guttural voice), but i'm over it at this point and would only be wasting energy. i'll just say that this experience has not been a nice one, and that public health cover really isn't the magic solution americans perceive it to be.

on the other hand, i picked up some more zyrtec at the chemist today. it was over the counter, and i only had to buy 10 instead of a huge pack. try doing that in the u.s. - for $7, no less.

after sorting out health cover, i came home to a delivery notice from my post office. it was an unsolicited present from japhia: the jeff buckley picture book that i knew about but didn't know had been published. it was absolutely amazing and beautiful, with really great anecdotes from his friends and associates. i don't know what i did to deserve it, especially considering i haven't written her for quite some time. i guess that's the sign of a true friend, though: you can have slack periods, and they still love you.

simon also received an exciting package today: the new lord of the rings extended edition collectors box on dvd with the four-hour version of the movie (instead of 3 1/2) and separate disc of extras. he is determined to watch all four hours tonight, even though i'm sleepy and have a story to write. i suppose i should be glad that he used $150 worth of gift vouchers to purchase it instead of our own money.

in other news, darren hanlon is in town tonight. the only trouble is, no one knows where he is. i'm hoping to take some photographs if i can make him stand still long enough, but it's very hard to pin down the boy. to say that i am excited about his show tomorrow night would be an understatement. i can't wait to meet his swedish girlfriend, frida, either. i have been told that we will get along famously.

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