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November 11, 2002 - 9:56 a.m.

i fired off a second letter to the editor in chief of melbourne magazine. i know i was supposed to wait for his reply, but the second issue's already been out two weeks, and i've come up with more story ideas. let's hope i haven't dug my own grave prematurely.

i called two temp agencies this morning. let's hope they call back because i'd like to pay rent.

i went to a weird "overseas fashion warehouse clearance" at one of the shopping centers here. a major department store closed, so they've got all this space and nothing to do with it. in any case, i found two pairs of wool trousers in the men's section. if you've seen barb's "cropped" (tee hee) trousers from the gap, they're very similar. they were exactly what i was looking for and half the price of what was in the women's section. go figure.

simon and i watched about a boy on video last night. i thought it was good, but i think my having read the book a few years ago really messed with my enjoyment level. now i'm second-guessing my decision to read the harry potter books before seeing the movie.

it's supposed to be 86 degrees today and 92 tomorrow, so i think i'll hit the beach with a good read. when i'm gainfully employed, i know i'll be wishing i could do the same.

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