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November 09, 2002 - 8:15 p.m.

my ears and eyes are itchy. i can scratch my ears, but scratching the eyes is a big no-no, what with all the crap floating in the air. it is spring here, after all.

i went to the chemist to get some allergy-relief eye drops, but it was closed. the grocery store's "medicine" section had band-aids, calamine lotion and a few other assorted things, but no eye drops.

my only consolation is my chest, which appears quite perky and ample in the new bra i bought from target last night. i don't always fit into size A bras, usually resorting to AA when i can find them, but this one fit.

the bra is amazing, i tell you, and the best part is that there is no padding. it's all some crazily rigged underwire. it's also seamless. simon told me to go back to target and buy another one, and he'd only seen it underneath some stupid old soccer t-shirt that i bought at the columbia, MO, goodwill.

did you notice i said "t-shirt"? that's right, it's actually warm enough here to wear a t-shirt. well, scratch that last part, because it was incredibly hot today. i've noticed there is very little in-between here. it's either a winter-jacket or a don't-forget-to-drink-lots-of-fluids kind of day. those poor transition clothes in my closet will never see the light of day; kiss the long-sleeved shirts goodbye.

we watched amores perros last night. i thought it was a good movie, but i couldn't believe how much negativity it contained. it feels like we've watched an awful lot of overwhelmingly negative movies lately, the kind that make me anxious. i don't think simon's purchase of the stanley kubrick dvd box set will help things.

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