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November 08, 2002 - 8:26 a.m.

yesterday was very hot with a slight wind. it was a great day for laundry, but not for my hayfever.

i spent nearly the whole day washing clothes, hanging clothes to dry, pulling them off the line, folding them, putting them away, etc. i think i washed four or five separate batches of clothes. the air was so hot that each batch dried outside in about an hour.

add some meal-preparation time in there for breakfast and lunch, and my day was pretty much gone. oh, don't forget to add the 3+ hour nap i took, which was either due to the hayfever, temperature, allergy medication, or a combination of all three. i woke up just in time to make a salad to go with the lasagna leftovers for dinner. i made my first lasagna this week, and i have to say it was pretty tasty.

so back to this temperature thing. everyone in the neighborhood was wearing a t-shirt or tank top and cropped pants. they all looked very sweaty and relaxed. meanwhile, my house is freezing. it gets absolutely no heat except for in the bathroom, which is very tiny. i think this has something to do with dampness in the foundation of our house, but the landlord hasn't fixed it yet. most people would say this is a good thing because summer will be easier for us, but i disagree. i like to know that the summer season actually exists. i don't want to be wearing sweaters indoors, all year round!

the study is the coldest, and that's where i'm now sitting and trying to get some work done on my resume. i've been sneezing up a storm, but i'm wary of the allergy medication, for fear i might go into nap mode again. although i have to say, a nap sounds pretty good right now.

after i finish polishing my resume, i'm going to the city to hand it in with my job application for website editor. wish me luck because you don't want to read about any more job-hunting horror in this diary. that's just so last month, you know?

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