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October 24, 2002 - 5:53 p.m.

you will never guess who sent me an e-mail message. ok, even if you know me, you'd still never guess.


that's right. not only did i get a message from todd, but a computer was involved. he just wanted to say hi and confirm the rumors he'd heard about me. interesting. even more interesting is what inspired him to write - apparently, he can't hear jeff buckley's grace album without thinking of me.


someone came into the office today for a second interview for the receptionist position. my boss believes she is capable of doing the job, and this candidate also wants something permanent. these are two qualities the company has not been able to find in anyone for the past nine months, so this is a very big deal.

to make things worse, after meeting with her, my boss asked me what i want to do. what are my plans? well, gee, boss lady, i don't know because none of my job applications has been successful and there aren't any more jobs worth applying for! so i am probably out of a job after tomorrow.

simon's parents wanted to take us out to dinner this saturday, but i asked him to cancel because i know they will ask about the job situation. i know, i'm chicken, but i don't want to deal with it. it's a lot easier to just lay low for awhile than it is to say "no comment" or "can we talk about something else, please?" repeatedly over dinner. because they will ask. that's why simon is over at their house right now, dropping off our wedding photos. let's hope that's all they really wanted and don't think i'm being the bad daughter-in-law already.

on a lighter note, i made some kick-ass homemade tomato soup the other night. simon successfully made cheeze from the uncheese cookbook. he's always wanted to try one of the recipes, but they're quite complicated and involve a food processor, which we didn't have until now. we made grilled cheeze sandwiches to go with the soup, and it was divine!

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