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September 29, 2002 - 10:34 a.m.

funny melbourne. we had a hailstorm two nights ago that was, for lack of a better word, terrifying. simon was working at the time, so i was home alone, working on computer stuff. as the recent visitors to melbourne can probably attest, the weather is all or nothing here.

i live in a really long row house. we're immediately connected to our neighbors on either side, which means there are virtually no windows throughout the house. someone renovated a few years back and added skylights, of which we have three. i used to think it was neat when it rained here because the skylights amplified the noise and made it sound beautiful. not any more.

after friday's little episode, i thought the house was going to cave in. i wasn't sure where, though, so i kept looking around like an idiot so at least i could *watch* it cave in. yeah, like that will help in an emergency! before i knew it, water started seeping through the crack between the wall and the crown molding in the study. the crack just happens to take up the same corner as the computer desk, so while i was typing, water started coming down the walls and onto the computer wires. i'm not joking.

i freaked out and called simon, who told me to unplug everything and wipe down the walls. that's when i saw the bedroom. a few pellets of hail had made their way onto my bedroom floor, and there was a big wet patch on my comforter on my side of the bed. i had to spot clean the comforter because it was dirty hail, naturally.

then i went to the kitchen. the windowsills had flooded and gotten all over the spices waiting to be transferred to the new spice rack. all my windowsill toys had to be removed from their various configurations (there seemed to be a lot of fighting and car accidents with the toy soap opera this time) so i could mop everything up.

then, just as soon as the storm began, it was over. nothing. no rain, no nothing. but you can be sure i changed my mind about walking down the street to go to the supermarket. no thank you.

i spent all of last night getting work done - thank-you notes, my arts grant application and most of the visa application. as a result, i was actually awake when simon came home around midnight. i was glad to have him there. especially when hailstorm #2 started.

i was a fraidycat by this time, so i moved over to simon's side of the bed. then i got too scared and had to jump out of the bed. i kept looking at the skylight, determined to watch the hail as it fell and curse it on its descent. and, because he was there, i made simon check the crack in the study and the kitchen windowsill. a-ok. this one was not as bad as the first, apparently, but it scared the heck out of me. if you think i'm being a ninny, just wait until you pick up hail from your bedroom floor.

as a bonus, when i opened the front door, the air was warmish and the entire street was white with little, round pellets. it looked like snow had fallen on our little patch of lawn. well, less like snow and more like a lot of shiny breath mints. you don't see that everyday, now do you?

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