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September 27, 2002 - 6:37 p.m.

i've gone an entire week with no job prospects whatsoever. well, yes, smartypants, i've been honeymooning as well, but i really mean it when i say i've been looking for a job.

i found a couple of leads yesterday that turned out to be duds. only today did i learn that there's a new magazine coming out on monday. it's called melbourne magazine, and the creator is describing it as "wallpaper meets vanity fair." whoa.

to say the magazine industry in melbourne is lacking is the understatement of the year. as much as i love melbourne and can rant all day about how much better melbourne is compared to sydney, sydney takes the cake when it comes to magazine publishing. so the addition of a new and local glossy with such high prospects is welcome, indeed.

quite simply, i must work there. first thing monday morning, i'll be grabbing a copy off of the newsstand across the street and calling up to offer my services. or perhaps i'll show up in person?

in other news, simon had work off today, so we stayed in our pajamas and watched jimmy neutron: boy genius and the closet. i can honestly say i enjoyed them both immensely. i wasn't so sure about jimmy neutron, but it was genuinely funny and really well done (disregard what the idiot reviewer on imdb had to say).


i just finished boxing up my wedding dress. sniff, sniff. i know i should be over it, but i've really enjoyed gazing at it in the study, rippling so beautifully under the light. yeah, i'm soft.

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