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September 05, 2002 - 5:25 p.m.

i alternate between excitement and nervousness now. whatever the case, there are some major butterflies a-happenin'.

great weather again today, after a couple of iffy ones. please oh please oh please be sunny at the zoo. please.

today my boss handed me a printout of yesterday's phone calls. i had no idea the switchboard was connected to any sort of database. it turns out that yesterday - which was a pretty average day by all accounts - fielded 623 phone calls to the switch. six hundred and twenty-three. when i first applied for the job, i was told it could get up to 250. on a busy day, i guessed 300. i had no idea it was that crazy. rock on, me.

i've got to make some dinner. des is coming over, so i'm expecting some good gossip about his new boyfriend. then we're off to see anthony atkinson (of the mabels) and tim oxley (formerly of the dearhunters and the verys) play at the empress. it's walking distance from my house, and the cover is only $6, so i'm really gonna feel like an old loser if we skip out this time.

did i mention that simon bought a ticket to see princess superstar last week and stayed home instead? our track record is not looking very good. crouchy says simon and i already act like we're married. i told him to watch what he says because it's contagious around here. especially around there.

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