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September 03, 2002 - 11:03 p.m.

simon and i found wedding rings we really like, and the financial damage was minimal. whew.

i found out that the traineeship i had planned on applying for is not available to photographers. i'd been told this before but also that it was an option and that i shouldn't be discouraged from applying. this time, it was explicitly stated that no photography traineeships would be given. i wouldn't have known unless i checked a neighboring site. so i had to fire off an e-mail to the trainee coordinator to find out what my possibilities are.

honestly, this newspaper is the only place i want to work. sure, i'd work elsewhere, but this newspaper is the cream of the crop, and i have a feeling i could work there happily for a very long time. every other newspaper in the city is substandard. now that this news has cropped up, and given that i've cracked at work and no longer want to answer a telephone anywhere, anytime, i'm at a loss as to what to do.

i called the modeling agency today and told them i'm available after the 13th. i also called the temp agency and was told there's a great position, but i'd make less money and have to fetch coffee and answer phones all day. i don't know how much more i can take.

the odd thing is that i've gotten a lot of fan mail recently for my readymade article and web site, but none of these bits of praise are related to anything that will put money in my pockets. how can i turn talent into money? how how how?

in other news, there's going to be a requiem mass with gregorian chant held at a melbourne church on september 11. i think that's pretty neat. except that september 11 here is really september 10 in america. oh well.

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