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August 24, 2002 - 9:51 a.m.

a couple of weeks ago, simon bought tickets for both of us to see the lucksmiths play at the corner hotel. it's the end of the-tour-before-they-start-recording-their-new-album, so we really wanted to go.

about a week or so after buying the tickets, simon brought home a free pass to all of the 15th-birthday shows at the empress hotel. this included a lucksmiths show we didn't know about, which i attended a week ago. i wasn't going to go, considering we already had tickets to the corner show, but i really wanted to see grand salvo, who played before the luckies.

we found out from the pass that augie march were playing the empress on august 23, the same night the lucksmiths were supposed to play the corner. bad news because we really wanted to see augie march. we were torn. what to do? what to do?

then simon found out josh rouse was playing the rob roy hotel on august 23. we'd both read really good reviews and liked his song on the vanilla sky soundtrack, so we wanted to hear more. josh rouse was also playing with the wagons, simon's new favorite local band.

to make matters worse, we found out grand salvo were playing with the lucksmiths at the corner show, as well. now that i am officially obsessed with grand salvo, i wanted simon to be sure and see them.

simon and i both helped out at the 3rrr radiothon yesterday, and we heard a promo for the josh rouse show. all the songs were very, very good. then i read a review of silver ray, a newish band who were opening for augie march and were supposedly amazing. we were torn.

we decided to eat dinner and think about it. we went to the vegie bar on brunswick st. that's when we found the flier for the show at the planet cafe next door. the steinbecks were playing. the steinbecks whom i love and thought had broken up. i didn't know they ever played live shows, and there they were, playing next door! ay-yi-yi. which would you choose?

1. the lucksmiths / ruck rover / grand salvo at the corner hotel
2. augie march / silver ray at the empress
3. josh rouse / the wagons at the rob roy
4. the steinbecks / + 2 more at the planet cafe

did you make your decision yet? well, we did, too. we went home and went to bed because we're an old, boring, almost-married couple who ate too much and have had too much to do all week. yep, that's right. and those lucksmiths shows are almost like small-town business - everybody notices if you don't show up and reports back later. to make matters worse, everyone already knew we'd bought the tickets and were expecting us to be there.

so there you have it. i'm domestic and boring!!!! mwah ha ha ha ha!!!!

so how was your friday night?

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