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July 30, 2002 - 7:23 p.m.

no update on the yoplait commercial. many people at work asked me if i was feeling better today, so the guilt continues. i should add that the modeling agency called at 5:50 pm today and asked if i could go to a casting for ANOTHER tv commercial tomorrow at 9am. i explained that i had already used up my hooky allotment for the week.


i still feel christmasy. does anyone know how to make this go away?


not sure how this happened, but i got roped into taking some photographs of the county courthouse for a company magazine/newsletter. then i found out they need a cover shot, too. uh, i don't really do architectural photos, but oh well. i'm telling myself that it's money and that they won't know the difference anyway. i had to register for a business number rather quickly. i wonder what i have gotten myself into? perhaps it's a good kickstart because i'll need the business number to free-lance anyhow.


still feeling christmasy. maybe i should buy presents for all of you. do you think that would help?

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