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July 22, 2002 - 6:17 p.m.

i told a fib.

when i took this receptionist job, i told the modeling agency it would be for four weeks. i knew, however, that the job was supposed to last until december, or whenever the company "reassessment" thing happens, which could be sooner or later. i figured it was easier to tell the agency that it was for four weeks and then update them later.

they called today, assuming i am free this week. luckily, a bit of the truth saved me. i talked with my boss this morning, and i switched over from the temp agency payroll to the actual company payroll. it's still an undefined leave date (which i told them). but i felt bad having to explain myself and forgetting to do so in advance.

because of this switch, i'm taking a paycut of $1 per hour. that's because temp agencies here factor in an extra amount to make up for the fact that you get no vacation time or sick pay. paycut - wheee.

the modeling agency asked if i am currently a house model for any hair salon. i told them the truth, which was no. i have an appointment to see someone at toni&guy tomorrow, but the truth is, i don't want to leave my new hairdresser. yeah, tim is friggin' expensive and the toni&guy haircuts/color would be free, but tim is really, really good. i like the fact that his salon is a quick tram ride from my house and that he gives such an amazing shampoo massage that i fall asleep in the chair. to make things harder, i've been too busy to cut simon's hair, so he went to see tim last week and got a fantastic haircut. what to do, what to do? i suppose i will meet with the toni&guy people and decide then. if they are as pretentious as the other hairdressers in the same neighborhood, i'll hightail it out of there. i'm uncooperative like that.

in other news, simon and i watched glitter, the mariah carey movie, last night. yes, it was as awful as the reviews made it out to be, but not bad enough to be funny, like mystery science theatre (which is what we were hoping). if you want to see robots attempt to act or feel proud when you can predict every plot development in a movie, glitter is the one for you.

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